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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Cameron Highland Pre-wedding (Eashuan and Ivy)

Ivy Jong is a very friendly person who is cheerful and lovely. Eashuan is really a lucky man that can go into her heart and build an empire inside her. Golden hour to catch their pre-wedding in Cameron Highlands. End they were using the Cameron Highland as their theme for their wedding day. Congratulation to Ivy and Eashuan.

This is my another destination pre-wedding. I was excited to go for destination pre-wedding. It is not an easy job but it was fun and it was crazy. We are not only do photo shoot but also having fun in Cameron Highlands and created a lot of memories. A good team work pair up with Fendy Chew make up academy.

Fendy Chew Make Up Academy: https://www.facebook.com/Fendychew-bridal-image-academy-643777129006842/?fref=ts

Other than shooting pre-wedding, we also include detail.

Our talented Make up artist

That was fun

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